Film TV Kamera (TV Film Camera)

Film & TV Kamera is the leading Polish special interest magazine for production and postproduction in film, video and television. It reports about film fairs, film shootings, new technology, workshops, festivals. It introduces the main persons and events in the film and TV branch in Poland and abroad. Film & TV Kamera, as the major source of branch information is addressed to people engaged in film and TV production i.e.: cinematographers, producers, technical service, script writers, editors, documentary film makers, etc.

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Magazine Crew:

Editorial: Jolanta Tokarczyk,
Advertising: Renata Iwanowska,
Advertising Services: Ewa Kowalska,

Current issue: 3/2023

Editions per year: (4): 1/2023, 2/2023, 3/2023, 4/2023

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