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  • We know everything about fashion, shoe and jewellery business.
  • Here We Are! Unit Publishing House – magazines, websites, events, seminars and workshops – in other words modern organization, client needs orientated. We have been successful in b2b publications for years. In the meantime we develop nice portfolio of b2c titles.
  • There is no secrect in toy, stationery and babies articles sector for us.
  • Thousands of addresses and ready-to-use receipts how to help our kids grow, learn and have fun in Warsaw. Only in one magazine dedicatedo to parents, caretakers and teachers.
  • We observe, tests and analyze everything in connection with film making, TV and video production. In other words we show professional point of view on pre-, pro- and postproduction.
  • It is not good to work all time, so we invite our readers to join journey across world of luxury, cars, fine watches and unique bijoux.
  • We look up, collect and publish in one place all contacts which help our readers develop their business. One simple business address book.
  • We are in XXI century, therefore we consantly develop online products in all options which might be interested to our readers.
  • We educate, integrate and inspire – our seminars, workshops and events are well known among different business and social groups.
Rich portfolio of branch, special interest and b2c titles
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Portals, wortals for professionals and everybody, who looks up for interesting and updated news
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Education, integration and inspiration for business and social groups
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Original trainings and wrokshops for business and individuals
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Welcome to our Website!

For year we act for you, we look for new trends, we look for new technologies and all other news you need to run your business and develop your passion. Everybody will find what he/she needs and not only hard copy magazines but also websites, events and trainings. Altogether makes UNIT a perfect communication platform, so please feel free to look through our website and discover our titles, www and more!


The right desicion are more precious than gold.
We help to find the best solutions.
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Number of titles: 14
Total number of issues a year: 58
Numebr of websites and portals: 15