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Świat Zabawek (World of Toys) monthly on the desk of industry decision makers. The news magazine. The business magazine. The toy magazine. Świat Zabawek – for all those who make their living in the toy business. Whatever happens in the business – Świat Zabawek is the first to report on it! In-depth research covers all aspects of the toy business from the latest trends to individual company success stories. Świat Zabawek approach to coverage is the foundation for constant opinion-forming discussion in ever-changing market. Świat Zabawek is the exclusive Polish representative of The International Toy Magazines Association (ITMA).

Current issue: 4/2024

Editions per year: (11): 1/2024, 2/2024, 3/2024, 4/2024, 4a/2024 (e-wydanie), 5-6/2024, 7-8/2024, 9/2024, 10/2024, 10a/2024 (e-wydanie), 11-12/2024 (e-wydanie)

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